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Analysis of the wholesale market of transparent food jars

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Jars made of glass or PET with transparent appearance are usually used for food packaging such as pickles and canned fruits. First of all, the transparent food jars can allows consumers to see the internal food clearly, which can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Secondly, the transparent food jars are exquisite in style and there are many shapes to choose from. Thirdly, it is conducive to product hygiene and sealing, and protects product safety from being affected. Finally, transparent food jars can be used to package different products.


So, what about the wholesale market for transparent food jars, and what’s the cost about transparent food jars?  First, the material of the transparent food jars are currently mainly PET\PP\glass. The price is different if use different materials. Second, the larger of the transparent food jars, the higher the price. Third, the transparent food jars style, the price of transparent food jars with unique shapes tends to be higher. Fourth, the price of transparent food jars can be compared to get a better choice.


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