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Characteristics of wide mouth plastic bottles

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Wide-mouth plastic bottles are generally made of PET raw materials, the bottle body is transparent, and the wide mouth is to facilitate the removal of the product inside. Compared with other packaging such as plastic bags, wide-mouth plastic bottle packaging has a more exquisite appearance and users can clearly see the products inside. On the other hand, the wide-mouth plastic bottle is convenient to use. In fact, wide-mouth plastic bottle packaging has a very wide range of applications, such as dried fruits, pickles, rice, etc., as well as toys, data cables, screws and other solid things that are packaged in wide-mouth plastic bottles.

Of course, there are wide mouth bottles made of glass, but in comparison, the plastic bottles are lighter, more resistant to fall, and the price advantage is more obvious. Therefore, in the future, wide-mouth plastic bottles will certainly dominate the wide-mouth bottle market.



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