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How to control the heat-resistant temperature of Pet bottles

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PET bottles are a type of bottle that is widely used in the market. For example, many product packaging such as beverages and food basically use PET bottles. The PET bottle can withstand a certain high temperature, making it suitable for the following scenarios. The first is that it can be hot-filled. Some high-temperature sterilization food and beverage hot-filling can be packaged in PET bottles. The second is high temperature resistance. For example, in high temperature environments in summer, PET bottles can maintain stability. Third, PET bottles can be heated appropriately, such as drinking beverages after heating in winter.


So, how to control the heat-resistant temperature of PET bottles? First of all, the heat-resistant temperature should be controlled below 60 degrees as much as possible, which is relatively safe. Secondly, the heat-resistant temperature can be observed on the bottle itself. If it is deformed, it must not be used anymore. Thirdly, if there is a pungent smell from the PET bottle, its better not to use it.



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