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Correct understanding of transparent plastic bottle packaging

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   With regard to plastic bottles, the guarantee of transparency has become the mainstream of the market in recent years. After all, the packaging of transparent plastic bottles can allow consumers to see the packaging objects directly, so that customers can really feel the quality of the product and allow consumers to The product creates a sense of trust. We all know that consumers now have a lot of doubts about the quality of products, especially the food safety issues that have been breaking out in recent years. Obviously, transparent plastic bottles can enhance consumers' trust and security in products through vision. This is also unmatched by other types of plastic bottles.

    Due to market considerations and the advantages of transparent plastic bottles, more and more manufacturers have concentrated a large number of production lines on the production of transparent plastic bottles in the production layout of plastic bottles. I have some different views on this. Although transparent plastic bottle packaging has many advantages, opaque plastic bottle packaging still has room for survival. First of all, there are a lot of products in chemical plastic bottles that must be opaquely packed to achieve a light-shielding effect. This is mainly because chemical products are very sensitive to light and must be protected from light. Secondly, some sensitive products and privacy products also require opaque plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, the opaque plastic bottle packaging market has its own living space.

    For our plastic bottle manufacturers, whether it is transparent or opaque, it needs to be adjusted according to the market and products, and one cannot be discarded. Everything is customized according to the needs of customers.



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