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Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
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More than 200 plastic bottle professionals and technicians, thousands of food plastic bottles, health care plastic bottles, and seasoning plastic bottles to choose from

Why choose Fukang plastic bottle manufacturer

Dongguan Fukang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and is located in Guangdong, China. It covers an area of 9000 square meters and has been specializing in the production of customized food plastic bottles, health product plastic bottles, and seasoning plastic bottles for over 23 years

23 years experience of manufacturing plastic 



Plastic bottle manufacturer covering an area of 9000 square meters


More than 200 plastic bottle professionals and techniciansWe have more than 100 employees


All our products have passed FDA,LFGB and EU 



Plastic bottle shapes, lids, and colors can all be customized


Provide services such as plastic bottle printing, labeling, embossing, and customized logos

Application field of plastic bottles

The plastic bottles produced by the company include HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health care products plastic bottles, and medical plastic bottles, which are widely used in electronics factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and toy factories.

Plastic bottles for health products

We offer plastic pet bottle and hdpe bottles with screw cap, metal cap, fliptop cap and child resistant cap, and pressure sensitive liner and heat induction liner are available for sealing.

Seasoning plastic bottles

These empty spice bottles are the ideal tools for storaging and shaking your spices, herbs and condiments. They are made of clear polypropylene (PET) which is FDA approved .......

Food plastic bottles

BPA free, food safe plastic jar is great for kitchen, pantry, or household use to store dry goods, spices, nuts, peanut butter, coffee, chocolate, pickles and more; we have the jar in different shapes and sizes.......

Toy plastic bottles

Unique design of Plastic jars are used for dispalying special products, like gift ,crafts, toy , school supplies and electric produts, it usually looks very fancy after you put the label on it......

                                                                                          Plastic Bottle Information
The Unique Advantages of Condiment Plastic Bottles Can Be Used To Hold What Condiments?
As a common packaging container, food grade plastic bottles have a wide range of applications in the current market. In order to ensure that the food grade plastic bottles produced comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, thereby ensuring the safety and health of consumers, companies
What industry is a straight round seasoning plastic bottle suitable for?
Straight round seasoning plastic bottle is a type of plastic bottle widely used in the seasoning industry. It is a safe and hygienic packaging container that contains seasoning in a certain capacity. In the industry, choosing the appropriate plastic bottles for seasoning is very important. It not on
What are the advantages of plastic bottles for pepper seasoning
Pepper powder is a widely used seasoning that has the effects of enhancing aroma, aiding digestion, and improving taste. It is commonly found in various dishes and delicacies. Pepper seasoning is packaged in plastic bottles, ensuring the quality of pepper while enhancing portability and aesthetics.S
What are the raw materials for PET seasoning plastic bottles?
The raw material for PET seasoning plastic bottles is a type of polyester thermoplastic, which has characteristics such as transparency, excellent UV resistance, high chemical stability, and strong mechanical properties.Seasoning plastic bottles are made of PET plastic, which stands for polyethylene
What is the use of transparent seasoning plastic bottles?
Seasoning is an essential food ingredient on people's daily dining tables, which can regulate the taste of dishes, improve their taste and flavor. The competition in the seasoning market is becoming increasingly fierce, and product quality and packaging are becoming increasingly important. Transpare
What are the functions and characteristics of seasoning plastic bottles?
A seasoning plastic bottle is a plastic container used for storing and packaging seasonings. With the increasing demand for food, seasoning, as an important component of culinary culture, has become increasingly diverse in its packaging. Plastic bottles have become one of the first choices for seaso
What is the method of using seasoning plastic bottles?
Seasoning plastic bottles are a common type of plastic container in daily life, commonly used for storing and using liquid materials such as seasonings, seasonings, sauces, and vinegar. We need to understand the usage of plastic bottles for seasoning from the following aspects.1、 Materials and speci
What is the purpose of Seasoning plastic bottles?
Seasoning plastic bottles are plastic containers used to store and package various seasonings. With the development of modern social life and the increasing demand for food and beverages, plastic bottles for condiments have become increasingly common. They play an important role in the food industry
What is the production process for Seasoning plastic bottles?
Seasoning plastic bottles are a widely used packaging container commonly used for storing and using seasonings such as soy sauce, vinegar, spicy sauce, and so on. The production process and related technology of seasoning plastic bottles are becoming increasingly sophisticated to meet the demand for
What is the difference between seasoning plastic bottles and glass seasoning bottles?
In today's market, plastic and glass seasoning bottles are widely used, and their respective characteristics and advantages make them popular and favored by consumers to varying degrees. This article will explore in detail the differences and advantages and disadvantages between the two containers i
What Are The Sizes And Specifications of Plastic Spice Jars To Choose From?
Plastic Spice Jarsis a commonly used utensil in our daily lives, and it is also one of the preferred containers for ingredients in industries such as catering and food. There are various sizes and specifications of plastic seasoning cans, let's take a detailed look below.1、 Dimensions of plastic sea
What is the usage method of Plastic Spice Jars?
Plastic seasoning cans are one of the essential tools in both household and commercial kitchens. They are ideal containers for storing various seasonings, such as sugar, salt, pepper, spices, and soy sauce. This article will introduce the usage of plastic seasoning cans to help you better manage sea
How to choose a suitable plastic bottle manufacturer for food packaging?
With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, food packaging has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. As one of the main materials for modern food packaging, plastic bottles are also playing an increasingly important role. However, plastic bot
What is the scope of use for plastic seasoning bottles
Plastic seasoning bottles are containers used to package various seasonings, which are lightweight, durable, transparent, and have good sealing properties. In daily life, people often use plastic bottles for storing and using various seasonings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sesame oil,
What is the biggest feature of plastic spice Jars?
The biggest feature of plastic spice cans is sustainability and environmental awareness.Plastic bottles with over 80 times of spices are collectively referred to as plastic spice cans. Plastic spice cans are widely used and appear in large quantities in households, industries, and commercial environ
What is a seasoning plastic bottle?
A seasoning plastic bottle is a plastic container specifically designed for loading seasonings. It is usually made of plastic materials such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), which have good sealing and corrosion resistance. Plastic bottles for condiments are widely used in the packaging o
What are the things to pay attention to when choosing plastic bottles for condiments?
Plastic seasoning bottles are a common packaging form in our daily life, which can effectively protect the freshness of seasonings and have functions such as leak prevention and corrosion prevention. However, choosing the right plastic bottle for seasoning is also a discipline. This article will pro
How do kitchen seasoning plastic bottles keep seasoning fresh?
In today's fast-paced life, people are increasingly paying attention to the taste and texture of food, which requires a lot of seasonings to modulate and enhance the delicacy of dishes. The plastic bottle for kitchen seasoning is an essential tool, which not only facilitates the storage and use of s
What is the best material for Plastic Spice Jars?
Plastic Spice Jars can is a very common storage tool in the kitchen, used to store various seasonings, such as salt, sugar, soy sauce, etc. Choosing the appropriate plastic material is crucial for keeping food fresh and safe. In this article, I will introduce different types of plastic materials and
What is the scope of use of seasoning plastic bottles
Plastic seasoning bottles are a widely used packaging form, and with the improvement of people's living standards, the application of various seasonings on family dining tables is becoming increasingly common. Plastic seasoning bottles determine the freshness and safety of food, and are crucial for
How can Plastic Spice Jars be reused?
Plastic Spice Jars are a household item that we often use. Due to their high frequency of use, they are easily thrown away or discarded by people, leading to waste of resources and environmental pollution. However, these Plastic Spice Jars can be reused through some simple methods, and I will explai
Which is better, Plastic Spice Jars or glass bottle spice can?
The comparison between Plastic Spice Jars and glass bottle spice cans has always been a controversial topic. In the past few years, Plastic Spice Jars have become increasingly popular. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many people believe that glass bottle spice can
How can a large seasoning manufacturer fit their own seasoning plastic bottle manufacturer?
As a large seasoning manufacturer, it is crucial to find a suitable seasoning plastic bottle manufacturer for your products. In today's fiercely competitive market, the importance of packaging as the first impression of a product is self-evident. Below, we will explore how to create a seasoning plas
Seasoning plastic bottles be used to hold soy sauce?
With the rapid development of society and the increasing demand for quality of life, seasoning, as an indispensable part of life, is widely used in kitchens and dining tables. Plastic seasoning bottles, as a common seasoning packaging material, are also widely used in the packaging of various season
What are the common models and types of Plastic Spice Jars?
Plastic Spice Jars are a common packaging container used to hold various seasonings and food ingredients. Different types of seasoning cans have different shapes, materials, and capacities to meet different needs. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the different models and types of
How to open a plastic seasoning bottle?
Seasonings are commonly used seasonings in our daily lives, such as soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, chili sauce, etc. They are easy to use and have a long storage time. However, sometimes we encounter the problem of plastic bottles for seasoning that are difficult to open, which not only t
What are the usage techniques and precautions for plastic seasoning bottles?
With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing emphasis on health, the moderate use of seasoning has become an indispensable table meal in modern families, and plastic bottles of seasoning also play a very important role in it. Because it maintains the quality and taste of seas
What are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic seasoning bottles?
Seasoning is an essential item on our dining table, and plastic bottles for seasoning are also one of the products we often come into contact with in our daily lives. In daily life, plastic condiment bottles have a wide range of uses, not only to bring convenience to us, but also to ensure the quali
The unique advantages of Seasoning plastic bottles can be used to hold what condiments?
In the kitchen, condiment plastic bottles are a common and practical tool. With its characteristics of portability, durability and easy storage, condiment plastic bottles can not only be used to store various condiments, but also help us to better manage and use kitchen resources. This article will
How to Choose the Right Supplier for Plastic Condiment Bottles?
Plastic seasoning bottles are an indispensable part of the food packaging field. With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumer taste, more and more seasonings require high-quality packaging, which requires seasoning plastic bottle enterprises to provide higher quality products


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