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The importance of food packaging safety

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As you all know ,For the food packaging industry,there are three grades of quality products ,they are low ,medium ,and high.

After all, they are be used for packing food, so safety is the focus of attention. When choosing plastic bottle suppliers, food manufacturers often choose the packaging of products with high appearance. Some products looks like quality products ,however the prices will really lower than the normal price.But is that really the true?


Same pet food bottle.Low-end and high-end products often differ in workmanship and raw material usage.High-end PET food bottles will choose good raw materials and the products  will be  thicker .


However, if the production environment is substandard and there is no relevant qualification certificate, the quality and safety of seemingly similar products should be in question.At present, in order to save the cost of raw materials and attract customers with low prices, some plastic bottle manufacturers use recycled pet plastic bottles as raw materials.These discarded PET plastic bottles are at risk of excessive levels of heavy metals and acetaldehyde.Once food safety goes wrong, the blow will be fatal.It is not easy to build a brand, and The impact of the pursuit of low prices is irreversible.


If you are more concerned with the long-term healthy development of the brand, you can choose a plastic bottle supplier that is more concerned with price and workmanship.You'd better have a field study of the company's size and production environment and have relevant qualifications.Some plastic bottle suppliers are offering attractive prices and the product doesn't seem to be a problem.Once the cooperation product quality will be unstable, and there are food safety risks.The firm is too small, even though it costs less to offer a lower price.But the management is certainly not up to standard, the environment of the production workshop is even worse, product quality and safety problems are not guaranteed at all.Finally, we suggest that when choosing PET food bottle suppliers, the choice of competent manufacturers is more important than the price itself. After all, brand is the core asset of an enterprise.


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