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What are the materials of plastic bottles for health ?

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        The health product market has continued to grow in recent years, and the demand for packaging is also increasing. As a common form of packaging for health products, the selection of plastic bottles for their materials directly affects the quality and safety of health products. This article will explore several aspects of plastic bottle materials for health products.

      Firstly, let's take a look at the common plastic bottle materials for health products on the market. Mainly including polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic (ACR), and silicone (SEN). These plastic bottles of health products made of different materials have their own characteristics and advantages.

     Polyethylene (PE) is a general-purpose plastic that is cheap and easy to produce. PE plastic bottles have good transparency, but have low hardness and are prone to deformation. In addition, PE plastic bottles have poor barrier performance and high permeability to oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide, so it is necessary to strengthen the sealing of the bottle cap. PE plastic bottles are widely used in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, and health products.

     Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a hard plastic with high strength and hardness, therefore it is not easily deformed. At the same time, PVC plastic bottles have good barrier performance, which can effectively block gases such as oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, thereby better maintaining the quality of health products. However, PVC materials can release harmful substances during processing, which have a certain impact on the environment and human health. Therefore, when choosing PVC materials, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental protection issues.

     Acrylic (ACR) is a highly transparent plastic with high hardness and is not easily deformed. ACR plastic bottles have good scratch resistance and impact resistance, as well as strong UV blocking ability, which can effectively extend the shelf life of health , the price of ACR plastic bottles is high and the production cost is high. Therefore, when selecting ACR materials, cost and actual needs need to be considered.

    Silicone (SEN) is a soft plastic material with excellent tear resistance and wear resistance. SEN plastic bottles have good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent the leakage and pollution of health products. In addition, silicone material has good resistance to high and low temperatures, which can maintain stable performance in different environments. However, the price of silicone plastic bottles is also high, resulting in higher production costs. Therefore, when choosing SEN materials, it is also necessary to consider cost and actual needs.

    In summary, different plastic bottle materials for health products have their own characteristics and advantages. When selecting plastic bottle materials for health products, the following factors need to be considered:

     Cost: Different materials have different prices, and suitable materials need to be selected based on budget and demand;

     Transparency: Health product packaging needs to have high transparency in order to allow consumers to better understand the product;

    Hardness: Different materials have different hardness, and appropriate hardness needs to be selected according to actual needs;

Barrier performance: Health products need to maintain stable quality, so it is necessary to choose materials with good barrier performance;

   Environmental friendliness: With the increase of environmental awareness, it is necessary to choose materials with better environmental friendliness;

  High and low temperature resistance: Health products need to be stored in different environments, so it is necessary to choose materials with good high and low temperature resistance.

   In summary, when choosing the material of plastic bottles for health products, comprehensive consideration needs to be given based on actual needs and budget. At the same time, attention should be paid to environmental and safety issues to ensure the safety and quality of health products.


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