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What are the types of plastic bottle caps for health products?

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The "Amazing Secret" of Health Product Bottle Lids: Have you really chosen the right one?

The "Amazing Secret" of Health Product Bottle Lids

In today's consumer market, health products have become an important part of our daily lives. However, have you ever thought that the types of health product bottle lids may hide "shocking secrets" that you are not aware of?

The opaque black box of the bottle cap

Traditional health product bottle caps often use opaque plastic materials. This is to prevent consumers from directly seeing the health products inside the bottle, and at the same time, it also gives some merchants a "protective color", allowing them to make more moves in the opaque bottle cap.

The Green Secret of Bottle Lids

In addition to the opaque bottle cap, there is also a green bottle cap. This type of bottle cap is usually made of recyclable PET plastic. Although this type of bottle cap is environmentally friendly, the uneven quality of recycled materials may have an impact on the quality of health products.

The Blue Future of Bottle Lids

Faced with environmental pressure, some businesses are turning to using environmentally friendly blue bottle caps. This type of bottle cap is mostly made of biodegradable materials and has little impact on the environment. However, the cost of this type of bottle cap is relatively high, which may make consumers bear higher prices.

The Transparent Puzzle of Bottle Lids

Finally, there are some transparent bottle caps. This type of bottle cap allows consumers to clearly see the status of health products, increasing the transparency of the product. However, transparent bottle caps may expose the ingredients of health products to light, affecting their stability.

When choosing health products, we also need to learn to choose the correct bottle cap. Transparent bottle caps can help consumers understand the true situation of the product; Green bottle caps can protect our environment; The blue bottle cap can create a better future for us and our descendants. So, next time you buy health products, don't forget to look at the bottle cap on top, it may hide unexpected secrets!


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