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Why do seasoning plastic bottles need to be paired with shake caps

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Seasoning plastic bottles are one of the common food packaging materials on the market. It is mainly used for seasoning such as salt, pepper, cumin powder, chili powder, etc., and has the advantages of easy storage, use, and portability. In practical use, many seasoning plastic bottles are equipped with shake caps. So, why do we need to add a shaking cap to plastic seasoning bottles? This article will explore this issue from the aspects of materials, appearance, convenience, hygiene, and sealing.


Seasoning plastic bottles are generally made of PET plastic materials, which are commonly used in packaging for food, beverages, and other fields. They have the advantages of good transparency, high strength, and lightweight. PET materials can withstand high temperatures and pressures, and can effectively protect the quality and freshness of seasonings. In addition, PET materials also have the advantage of being recyclable, which meets people's requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Shake cover is another type of material, and the commonly used shake cover material is PP (polypropylene) material, which has advantages such as impact resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance. Due to the fact that plastic food bottles generally do not come with sealing stoppers, shaking the lid can effectively protect condiments from contamination and moisture, making it easy for them to fulfill their functions and aesthetic value.



Seasonings usually exist in the form of loose powder, so a packaging with sufficient sealing is needed. The appearance of the shaking cap adds reliable sealing to the seasoning bottle, not only preventing moisture from entering the seasoning, but also effectively sealing the bottle while maintaining good air permeability. In addition, the emergence of shake caps gives seasoning bottles a more beautiful and fashionable appearance, making it easier to attract consumer attention and purchase desire. The shape and color of the shake cover can also be customized according to the different products to meet the personalized needs of consumers.


The emergence of shake caps has increased the convenience of using seasonings for consumers. Traditional seasoning bottles mostly use a stopper structure, which requires twisting the lid or using a spoon to remove the seasoning during use, which is relatively troublesome and can easily cause pollution. The emergence of a shaking lid makes it more convenient and hygienic to remove seasonings. With just a gentle shake, the required amount can be removed, and it is not easy to come into direct contact with the seasoning, avoiding the risk of cross infection.

In addition, due to the tendency of seasoning to clump, the presence of a shaking lid can effectively prevent clumping, making the seasoning easy to stir and move as a whole, making it more convenient to use.


Seasonings are a special category of food that often require strict hygiene measures to ensure safety. The use of shake caps can effectively reduce the risk of food contamination. On the one hand, the design and material on the shake cover can effectively prevent contamination from dust, flying insects, insects, and other impurities, preventing seasoning from spoiling as a result; On the other hand, the shaking cap can effectively combine with the bottle, avoiding contamination of the seasoning bottle. The design of the shake cap is not only hygienic, but also makes it easier for consumers to control the oscillation amplitude during use, without causing seasoning to overflow or waste, making it environmentally friendly.


Sealing performance

Another important role of seasoning plastic bottles with shake caps is to improve their sealing. Due to the loose powder in plastic bottles of seasoning, sometimes the dishes produced have a higher temperature, so a good seal can prevent the mixing of oil and water (for example, cumin powder is prone to moisture retention). For example, using high-temperature baked seasonings such as pepper, shaking the lid can maintain sealing and prevent the entry of air, water vapor, and other substances. This can ensure the freshness of the seasoning and prevent the product from deteriorating in taste and nutritional value due to oxidation or pollution in the air. The tightness of the lid ensures the dryness of the seasoning, effectively preserving its freshness and enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

In summary, the main reason for using plastic seasoning bottles with shake caps is to improve the hygiene, safety, usability, aesthetic appearance, and sealing of the product. The emergence of shake caps meets the needs of different consumers and also reflects the continuous pursuit of packaging material safety, environmental protection, intelligence, and humanized design in the food packaging industry. So, currently, seasonings in the market are usually paired with a shake cap, which has become an industry standard.


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