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How are the labels on plastic seasoning bottles affixed?

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The label on the plastic bottle of seasoning is affixed through a series of technological processes. The following will provide a detailed introduction to this process.

Firstly, we need to understand the production of plastic bottles. Seasoning plastic bottles are usually made of plastic materials such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP). The process of manufacturing bottles generally adopts injection molding technology, which is a process of heating plastic particles and injecting them into the mold, and then cooling them to determine the shape of the bottle.


After the bottle is made, the surface of the bottle needs to be treated. This process mainly includes two steps: decontamination and polishing. Decontamination is to remove impurities generated during the production process and ensure that the surface of the bottle is smooth and flawless. Polishing is the process of using friction or chemicals to make the surface of the bottle smoother and prepare for subsequent labeling.

Next, the prepared bottles are sent to the labeling process. Firstly, labels need to be prepared. The labels on seasoning plastic bottles are usually made of special adhesives and adhesives that can be attached to the surface of the plastic bottles. Information such as brand, product name, and image are usually printed on the label.

Then, the label attachment process can be divided into two main steps: positioning and pasting. Firstly, the bottle is positioned on a machine to ensure that the label can be accurately attached to a specific position on the bottle. This position is usually controlled by sensors on the machine and can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the bottle.

Next is the process of pasting labels. Usually, label attachment is done through automatic or semi-automatic machines. During this process, the machine will attach the label to the surface of the bottle at an appropriate speed. This usually involves the spraying or application process of adhesives.


At the same time as the label is attached, the machine usually undergoes some control and adjustment. These controls and adjustments can ensure accurate positioning and firm attachment of labels, ensuring the appearance quality and consistency of the labels. For example, there may be an adhesive spray adjustment device installed on the machine to adjust the spray amount of adhesive and ensure the adhesion between the label and the surface of the bottle.

Once the label is attached to the bottle, some quality checks are usually required next. These checks include whether the position of the label is accurate, and whether there are any issues such as bubbles or wrinkles. These checks can be achieved through sensors on the machine to ensure that the quality of the labels meets the requirements.

The above is the general process for attaching labels on plastic seasoning bottles. Through this process, the label of the seasoning plastic bottle can be accurately attached to the surface of the bottle, providing consumers with convenient product usage information.

In summary, the labels on plastic seasoning bottles are affixed through the process of positioning and pasting. During this process, after the bottle is decontaminated and polished, the label is accurately attached to the surface of the bottle. The precise control and quality inspection of the machine ensure the accurate position and firm attachment of the labels. In this way, consumers can easily identify and choose the desired seasoning.


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