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How to choose seasoning plastic bottles as a seasoning manufacturer?

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Plastic bottles are one of the indispensable packaging materials in the production process of condiments. Choosing the right seasoning plastic bottle is crucial for improving product quality and maintaining freshness. In order to assist seasoning manufacturers in selecting suitable plastic bottles, this article will provide a detailed introduction to the material selection, appearance design, safety performance, and production process of plastic bottles.


 Material selection of seasoning plastic bottles

1. PET plastic

PET plastic is currently one of the most common plastic bottle materials. It has good transparency, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance, which can effectively protect seasonings from external environmental influences. In addition, PET plastics also have high dimensional stability and high temperature resistance. However, PET plastic has poor high temperature resistance and is not suitable for use as a seasoning for heating or baking.

2. HDPE plastic

HDPE plastic is a high-density polyethylene with excellent toughness and impact resistance. It can resist the erosion of chemicals well and is suitable for use in plastic bottles containing acidic or alkaline condiments. However, HDPE plastic has poor transparency and is not suitable for products that require the display of seasoning color or texture.

3. PP plastic

PP plastic is a type of polypropylene with excellent high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It has good transparency and can meet the needs of displaying product color or texture. However, PP plastic has poor toughness and is prone to cracking due to external impacts, so it is necessary to strengthen the structure in design to improve strength.

 Appearance design of seasoning plastic bottles

The appearance design of plastic bottles is directly related to the image and sales of the product. When choosing plastic bottles, seasoning manufacturers should consider the following aspects:

1. Capacity selection

Choose an appropriate capacity based on the type of seasoning and market demand. The capacity of seasoning bottles usually comes in various specifications such as 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, etc. Reasonable planning is needed based on the sales situation of the product.

2. Bottleneck design

The design of the bottleneck should be easy to open and close, and can prevent external air from entering the bottle. Meanwhile, the bottleneck can also be designed with a sealing film or bottle cap to better maintain the freshness of the product.

3. Label position

Labels are an indispensable part of plastic seasoning bottles. Seasoning manufacturers should ensure that the label position is reasonable and can clearly display the product information and ingredient list.

4. Bottle body design

The bottle design should conform to the positioning and style of the seasoning product. For example, a unique shape or pattern can be designed based on the characteristics of the product to enhance its visual effect and recognition.


 Safety performance of plastic bottles for condiments

Plastic bottles are in close contact with food, and safety is an important consideration when choosing plastic bottles for seasoning. For seasoning manufacturers, attention should be paid to the safety performance of the following aspects:

1. Food grade materials

The material of plastic bottles must comply with food grade standards, such as the US FDA standards and the EU Food Contact Materials Directive. Only by selecting qualified food grade materials can the safety of the product be ensured.

2. Printing ink

The printing ink on plastic seasoning bottles should choose food safety ink. Printing ink should have anti fading, wear-resistant and other properties, and will not produce any harmful substances to seasoning.

3. No odor

Plastic bottles should not have any odor, as the odor may affect the flavor of the seasoning. When purchasing plastic bottles, seasoning manufacturers should first conduct odor testing to ensure that there are no odors.

 Production process of plastic bottles for condiments

The production process of plastic bottles directly affects the quality and appearance of products. Seasoning manufacturers should pay attention to the following production processes when selecting plastic bottles:


1. Blow molding process

Seasoning plastic bottles are usually produced using blow molding technology. Seasoning manufacturers should choose experienced plastic bottle manufacturers to ensure the quality and molding effect of the bottles.

2. Injection molding process

Some plastic bottles with special shapes may require injection molding technology for production. Seasoning manufacturers should choose manufacturers with injection molding capabilities and ensure that the structure and strength of the products meet the requirements.

3. Quality inspection process

Seasoning manufacturers should pay attention to the manufacturer's quality inspection process to ensure strict quality control of plastic bottles during the production process. The quality inspection process includes sampling and testing of raw materials

In summary, for seasoning manufacturers, selecting appropriate plastic bottles for seasoning is an important step in improving product quality and maintaining freshness. In the selection process, attention should be paid to the material selection, appearance design, safety performance, and production process of plastic bottles to ensure the selection of suitable plastic bottles and enhance the competitiveness of the product.


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