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How to reuse seasoning plastic bottles?

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There are actually many creative ways to reuse seasoning plastic bottles, which can not only save resources but also greatly enhance the utilization value of plastic bottles. Here are some specific methods to introduce:

1、 Making vases or planting flowers and plants

After cutting the seasoning plastic bottle into a suitable size, cleaning it thoroughly and performing certain treatments, such as wrapping a loop of silk ribbon around the incision or pasting beautiful or floral style floral paper on the bottle, it becomes a very beautiful vase or flower pot. Due to the high transparency of plastic bottles and the addition of some floral and plant decorations, it is easy to create a beautiful floral landscape, which not only beautifies the environment but also saves resources.爱采购主图-F-100D-5

2、 Pack gifts or food

The plastic bottles for seasoning have a special shape and are small and exquisite, making them very suitable for packaging small gifts or for serving homemade delicacies such as dried fruits and preserves. They can be bottled and given away. Simultaneously using bottles can effectively prevent food spoilage, such as storing flowers or candy, or putting different types and flavors of small delicacies together to achieve unexpected results.

3、 As a stationery storage box

Plastic bottles are very suitable as stationery storage boxes due to their special shape. By slightly treating the edges of the chopped bottle and applying beautiful stickers to it, it can become a unique stationery box or pen holder. For older students or office workers, this stationery storage box has a unique format, which can personalize their taste and add some aesthetic elements to their office or study.


4、 As a container for storing scattered items

Many people leave items of all sizes in their homes, and plastic bottles are perfect for storing these scattered items properly, such as being useful for storage.

5、 As a bottle of toiletries, etc

Plastic bottles for seasoning can also be used as bottles for toiletries, shower gel, and the like. This way, it can be used at home and carried with you when traveling, making it convenient and practical. When transforming bottles into this purpose, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning of chemical substances in the bottles to ensure that they can be safely used in occasions such as washing and gargling.

In short, plastic seasoning bottles can be used in many other occasions, either creatively and practically, or with unique craftsmanship, which can add a lot of fun and fun to life. Remember to strengthen the cleaning of bottle chemicals during use to eliminate safety risks.


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