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What are the raw materials for PET seasoning plastic bottles?

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The raw material for PET seasoning plastic bottles is a type of polyester thermoplastic, which has characteristics such as transparency, excellent UV resistance, high chemical stability, and strong mechanical properties.

Seasoning plastic bottles are made of PET plastic, which stands for polyethylene glycol acetate. Specifically, the raw material for PET polymer is terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, which are condensed in a chemical reaction to form a colorless and transparent block. It is then chopped into microparticles and finally blown into PET seasoning plastic bottles under high temperature and pressure.


The production process of common PET seasoning plastic bottles is as follows: PET particles are blown into shape at high temperature, and then cut through a cutting program from the outlet of the blow molding machine. After cutting, the polyester fragments become a hollow plastic bottle. Next, the plastic bottle is sent to a necking machine, heated to soften it, and then formed into a necking (i.e. the reduction of the bottle mouth). The purpose of necking is to increase the strength of the bottle mouth, so that it can withstand the weight of seasoning and the collision during long-term storage and transportation.

PET seasoning plastic bottles are one of the widely used food packaging materials and also one of the main materials for seasoning packaging. The production of plastic seasoning bottles should pay attention to the following points:

1. Raw material selection: PET plastic has the characteristics of heat resistance, good transparency, stable size, and high strength. Therefore, when producing PET seasoning plastic bottles, it is necessary to choose PET plastic particles with good raw material quality and free of pollutants to ensure the quality and safety of the bottles.

2. Production process: PET seasoning plastic bottles are used as food packaging materials, and their production process needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the hygiene and safety of the bottles. During the production process, food grade raw materials must be used, relevant hygiene standards must be followed, and the bottles produced must comply with food safety standards.

3. Packaging design: For the packaging design of seasoning plastic bottles, it is necessary to fully consider the properties of their fillers, choose appropriate bottle types and sealing methods, to ensure that they do not cause pollution or cracking during transportation. In the design of seasoning packaging, the size of the bottle mouth, sealing, and the compatibility of the bottle bottom are also important design factors that need to be fully considered and tested.


In summary, PET seasoning plastic bottles, as a food grade transparent plastic bottle, have good physical and chemical properties and are widely used in the packaging of seasonings. They can effectively protect the freshness and quality of food while maintaining its original flavor. At the same time, when producing plastic bottles for seasoning, attention must be paid to selecting high-quality raw materials, and full attention should be paid to processing technology control and packaging design to ensure the hygiene and safety of plastic bottles. According to relevant data statistics, plastic seasoning bottles are used more than 60 times a year globally, which can be said to be a very common packaging material and greatly facilitate our lives.


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