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What Are The Sizes And Specifications of Plastic Spice Jars To Choose From?

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Plastic Spice Jarsis a commonly used utensil in our daily lives, and it is also one of the preferred containers for ingredients in industries such as catering and food. There are various sizes and specifications of plastic seasoning cans, let's take a detailed look below.


1、 Dimensions of plastic seasoning cans

Usually, the height and diameter of Plastic Spice Jars are designed according to needs and can be customized according to actual situations. The sizes of conventional Plastic Spice Jars is sold in the market mainly include the following:

1. The diameter is 45mm, the height is 70mm, and the capacity is 50ml.

2. The diameter is 54mm, the height is 70mm, and the capacity is 80ml.

3. The diameter is 35mm, the height is 66mm, and the capacity is 60ml.

4. The diameter is 50mm, the height is 72mm, and the capacity is 100ml.

5. The diameter is 60mm, the height is 75mm, and the capacity is 150ml.

6. The diameter is 70mm, the height is 81mm, and the capacity is 200ml.

7. The diameter is 75mm, the height is 89mm, and the capacity is 250ml.

8. The diameter is 85mm, the height is 109mm, and the capacity is 500ml.


2、 Specification of plastic seasoning cans

In addition to size, there are also a wide variety of specifications for Plastic Spice Jars. Normally, specifications are divided into the following types:

1. Twisted lid Plastic Spice Jars: This type of seasoning can is usually used to store seasonings, with a general specification ranging from 120-4000ml.

2. Plastic seasoning jar with lid: This type of seasoning jar is usually used to store some loose items, such as sugar, monosodium glutamate, etc., with a general specification ranging from 60-300ml.

3. Single layer plastic seasoning tank: This type of seasoning tank is made of brand new PP and has no secondary pollution, so it is commonly used in the fields of health products, food, etc. The general specifications include 200ML, 300ML, etc.

4. Double layer plastic seasoning tank: This type of seasoning tank has two layers, with the inner layer made of polyethylene and the outer layer made of polypropylene. The combination of the two layers greatly improves the insulation effect of the plastic seasoning tank. It is usually used to store health products, milk powder, etc., with specifications of 400mL, 1000mL, etc.

5. Rotating seasoning tank: The biggest feature of this type of seasoning tank is automatic rotation, which adopts mechanical structure, user-friendly buttons, and other characteristics, allowing you to retrieve the seasoning you need in the simplest way. The rotating plastic seasoning tank can also be moisture-proof and sealed, with general specifications of 1.2L, 1.5L, etc.

Overall, Plastic Spice Jars are widely used in fields such as catering and food, with diverse sizes and specifications, flexible customization capabilities, stable production capacity, and good performance. This means that consumers can choose Plastic Spice Jars of different sizes and specifications according to their actual situation, and then use them with confidence. It should be noted that when choosing plastic seasoning cans, it is important to choose products produced by high-quality manufacturers to ensure their quality, environmental protection, and safety, in order to ensure that consumers can use them with peace of mind.


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