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What are the types of small seasoning bottles and plastic bottles

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Seasoning plastic bottles are small plastic bottles used to hold various seasonings, including salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin powder, Sichuan pepper powder, star anise powder, etc. This small plastic bottle has the characteristics of compact size and reusability, making it very suitable for use in homes, restaurants, and hotels. This article will introduce several common plastic bottles used for seasoning packaging and their characteristics.

1、 PET plastic bottle

PET plastic bottles are commonly used small plastic bottles and are widely used in the field of food packaging. PET materials have the characteristics of transparency, lightness, and durability, as well as preservation and good sealing performance. For most condiments, the properties of PET plastic bottles are sufficient to meet their storage needs without affecting their quality and taste.


2、 PP plastic bottle

PP plastic bottles are another common type of small plastic bottles, which have excellent chemical resistance, strength, and good corrosion resistance. They are suitable for storing some sharp flavored condiments, such as juices with high acidity. At the same time, PP plastic bottles have strong transparency and can directly observe the status of the food inside the bottle, making it convenient for consumers to use.

3、 PS plastic bottle

PS plastic bottles are commonly used for packaging low acidity condiments, such as sugar, salt, etc. Their advantages are transparency, easy recognition of appearance and quality, but they are not suitable for condiments that require high sealing.

4、 PC plastic bottle

PC plastic bottles have excellent transparency, flexibility, and toughness, making them a high-quality and highly reliable plastic bottle. It has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, making it suitable for packaging low acidity condiments.

5、 PE plastic bottle

PE plastic bottle is a multi-layer plastic bottle that combines the advantages of different plastic materials. The outer layer is usually made of PET material, which has high transparency and printability, while the inner layer is made of PE material, which has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, and easy processing. PE plastic bottles are widely used in liquid seasoning packaging, such as soy sauce, vinegar, etc., with excellent sealing and leak resistance.


When purchasing plastic bottles for condiments, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

1、 Choose plastic bottles with good sealing properties to ensure that food is stored for a long time without spoilage;

2、 Choose plastic bottles with good resistance to antibiotics. For foods with sharp flavors, such as acidic juices, PP plastic bottles should be chosen to ensure food hygiene and quality;

3、 The weight and cost of plastic bottles are related to their capacity. Users need to choose the appropriate capacity according to their own needs and choose luxury or regular plastic bottles according to their needs.

In short, small seasoning bottles and plastic bottles are one of the most widely used packaging forms in modern homes, restaurants, and hotels. Driven by constantly updated packaging technology and market demand, they will continue to play an important role in various industries.


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