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What are the usage techniques and precautions for plastic seasoning bottles?

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With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing emphasis on health, the moderate use of seasoning has become an indispensable table meal in modern families, and plastic bottles of seasoning also play a very important role in it. Because it maintains the quality and taste of seasoning, making people's lives more convenient. However, many people are not familiar with the knowledge of how to use plastic seasoning bottles correctly and precautions. This article will elaborate on the usage methods and precautions of plastic seasoning bottles in detail.

Firstly, the classification and characteristics of plastic bottles for condiments

There are three main types of plastic bottles for seasoning: disposable plastic bottles, recycled plastic bottles, and double layered plastic bottles. Due to the environmental pollution issues associated with disposable plastic bottles, this article recommends the use of two other types of products. Here are their characteristics:


1. Recycling plastic bottles: This type of seasoning plastic bottle is mostly made of polyethylene and added with an appropriate amount of other materials. Recycling plastic bottles are usually lightweight, highly transparent, have strong antioxidant properties, are not prone to aging, and have a longer service life. Therefore, most seasoning companies will use this material to produce plastic bottles for seasoning.

2. Double layer structure plastic bottle: This type of seasoning plastic bottle will occupy more materials for manufacturing, but it has stronger compression resistance. It is usually made of food grade polypropylene or engineering polyolefin, with an appropriate amount of TPO, PA, and PE materials added. The outer layer of the double-layer plastic bottle adopts a staggered design. This can increase the stability of the plastic bottle, resist external impact, and effectively maintain the seasoning inside.

Secondly, the scope of application of plastic bottles for condiments

Plastic seasoning bottles are widely used in consumer scenarios such as homes and restaurants, where they are typically used to hold seasonings such as salt, sugar, oil, and sauce. Recently, some seasoning companies have also started using plastic bottles in other fields, such as sports drinks and energy drinks. The advantages of plastic bottles themselves, such as leak proof, shockproof, and easy to carry, to a certain extent meet the needs of consumers when they sometimes need to carry drinks or seasonings outside.

Third: Usage of Plastic Condiment Bottles

1. Pre use inspection: Before using a plastic seasoning bottle for the first time, its sealing should be checked, especially whether the lid is tight and the bottle mouth is dry and clean. If leakage is found, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

2. Pay attention to storage location: When using plastic seasoning bottles, you should choose to store them in some dry, cool, ventilated, and not too bright places. The most suitable place is on a cabinet or decorative rack.

3. Different seasonings use different bottles: There are many types of seasonings, and there are also different types of seasonings. Therefore, different plastic bottles must be used between different seasonings. For example, soy sauce should use bottles with good sealing properties, while season seasonings such as sugar and salt should use bottles with larger bottle mouths.

4. Make good use of special functions: Some plastic seasoning bottle lids also have special functions, such as multi hole heads, pressure heads, or rotating extraction ports. We can use these special functions as needed to improve efficiency and convenience.

5. Timely cleaning: After using the seasoning plastic bottle, the bottle and the exposed plastic bottle cap should be cleaned in a timely manner. They can be cleaned with warm or soapy water. If the seasoning inside is not used up, it is best to remove the residue and minimize pollution to the ecological environment.

6. Avoid high temperatures: Avoid directly exposing seasoning plastic bottles to high temperatures, which can accelerate the aging and embrittlement of plastic bottles, destroy the sealing of plastic bottles, and cause the seasoning to deteriorate.

Fourth: Precautions for Plastic Condiment Bottles

1. Do not reuse: Some consumers may try to reuse plastic bottles for seasoning in order to save costs, which is not advisable. If the sealing of plastic bottles is affected, seasonings can easily spoil after being stored inside for a long time, posing a threat to consumer health.

2. When purchasing seasoning bottles, it is important to carefully observe important information such as production date, quality level, and shelf life on the label. If the label information is not clear, it is best not to purchase directly.


3. Avoid high-temperature environments: The longer a seasoning plastic bottle is used in a high-temperature environment, the longer it will come into contact with microorganisms in the environment and the greater the likelihood of contamination. If the high-temperature environment lasts for a long time, the seasoning inside the plastic bottle is not suitable for consumption.

4. Prevention of collision and squeezing: Plastic seasoning bottles should be handled with care during transportation to avoid collision and squeezing. If the surface of the plastic bottle undergoes deformation, the sealing performance will sharply decrease.

5. Do not open the bottle cap hastily: Some consumers may be too impatient when opening the bottle cap, and use force to open the cap directly, which can easily wear out the plastic bottle and affect its sealing.

6. Not suitable for holding: During use, consumers should not directly hold plastic seasoning bottles, as they can easily contaminate the bottle body and mouth, affecting the quality of the seasoning inside the bottles.

In summary, plastic seasoning bottles play a very important role in modern family life. This article provides detailed instructions and precautions for the use of plastic bottles for condiments


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