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What are the wholesale types of plastic spice bottles with caps

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With the improvement of quality of life, people's demands for diet are also increasing. In order to use a richer and more diverse variety of spices in seasoning and cooking, using plastic spice bottles with lids has become an indispensable tool for people. Plastic spice bottles not only have the advantages of low price, adjustable volume, but also easy to use and clean. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to purchase plastic spice bottles with lids. For merchants, understanding the wholesale types of plastic spice bottles with lids can meet the needs of different consumers, expand business scope, and further enhance brand reputation. This article will introduce the types of wholesale plastic spice bottles with lids and the key words to pay attention to.

 Classification of plastic spice bottles with lids

1. Specification classification

Plastic spice bottles with lids can be classified into three sizes according to specifications: small, medium, and large. Small sizes are mainly used to hold small amounts of spices, such as small amounts of pepper, cinnamon powder, etc. Medium size is generally used for ordinary household use and can hold various large particles of spices or an appropriate amount of powdered spices. Large spice bottles are suitable for larger occasions, such as family gatherings, banquets, etc. They can hold a large amount of spices, such as garlic powder, ginger powder, etc.


2. Color classification

The colors of plastic spice bottles with lids can be divided into transparent, white, black, etc. The transparent spice bottle is easy to observe the amount of spices inside, while the white and black ones are more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Classification of lids

There are various types of lids for plastic spice bottles with lids, among which the most common is the rotating lid, as well as various types such as flip and press caps. In addition, some spice bottles come with sealing pads, which are very suitable for spices that require moisture or sun protection, such as mustard powder, pepper powder, etc.

4. Shape classification

There are various shapes of plastic spice bottles with lids, such as round, square, rectangular, etc. The square and rectangular spice bottles can effectively utilize the ground space, making them more convenient and practical.

Characteristics and advantages of plastic spice bottles with lids

1. Security

Plastic spice bottles with lids are mainly made of food grade plastic, so the material is relatively stable and not prone to chemical changes or harmful effects on food, such as discoloration and blackening, which can ensure the quality and safety of food.

2. Convenience

Plastic spice bottles are lightweight, easy to take, and convenient to use and store. In addition, the design of the lid is also more convenient. Spice bottles generally come with rotating caps, press caps, and other types, which can be selected and used according to different needs.

3. Hygiene

The simple and clear design of the plastic spice bottle with a lid and the smooth texture of the surface can avoid the formation of excessive spices or small stains that are difficult to recognize with the naked eye. In addition, stainless steel indoor frosting is rough and prone to bacterial growth. It is highly susceptible to the influence of external substances and is more prone to accumulating dirt and grime.

4. Reusability

Plastic spice bottles with lids are economical and practical, and can be reused, especially for easy washing. After cleaning, they can still shine as new. Depending on the situation, its durability is actually quite good, with the characteristic of a long lifespan.

Key words to pay attention to when wholesaling plastic spice bottles with lids


1. Quality assurance

Before wholesaling plastic spice bottles with lids, any merchant should first discuss the quality and purchase the manufacturer's qualification certificate. The manufacturer's qualification certificate will include ISO9001 quality management system certification, and these related documents will become the standard for evaluating suppliers by merchants.

2. Logistics services

Plastic spice bottles with lids are an important type of packaging container, so merchants also need to pay attention to their logistics services during the wholesale process to ensure proper management in terms of time, quality, price, and other aspects.

3. Price rationality

Plastic spice bottles with lids are practical items, and consumers generally pay more attention to their value density. Therefore, merchants who wholesale plastic spice bottles with lids need to grasp the rationality of prices in order to attract more orders and long-term cooperative customers.

4. Multiple specifications

Compared to other types of plastic containers, plastic spice bottles with lids can be divided into multiple specifications, so businesses need to choose suppliers and provide consumers with sufficient choices to meet different needs.

5. Multiple colors and accessories

Plastic spice bottles with lids come in different colors, accessories, and shapes to choose from. Therefore, more research is needed to find suitable choices for consumers and the market to meet their needs.

4、 Conclusion

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for healthy eating is increasing, and purchasing plastic spice bottles with lids has gradually become one of the indispensable choices for people. For merchants, it is necessary to understand different types, colors, and shapes of plastic spice bottles, sealing pads, accessories, and logistics services in order to better meet consumer needs and enhance brand reputation. Through the introduction of the types and key words to be noted in the wholesale of plastic spice bottles with lids in this article, we hope to provide relevant information for businesses and help them gain more benefits and returns in the market.


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