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What Is The Classification of Plastic Seasoning Cans?

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Plastic seasoning cans play an indispensable role in food safety. In households, they are commonly used to store seasonings and baked goods. There are various types of plastic seasoning cans on the market, and this article will classify them and explore their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages in use.

 Classified by material:

Polyethylene (PE) seasoning tank: made of polyethylene, economical and practical, with little impact on food, safe and convenient. Suitable for storing low fat and low acid foods such as salt and sugar, but not suitable for high fat foods such as vinegar and oil. Long service life, reusable, suitable for household kitchen food storage.


Polypropylene (PP) seasoning tank: Made of polypropylene material, it has good heat resistance and is suitable for baking food. Can store high fat, high acidic foods such as vinegar, soy sauce, etc., but not suitable for foods that are too acidic or alkaline. The price is slightly higher, resistant to impact, and the quantity is relatively small.

PET seasoning tank: made of polyvinyl alcohol, suitable for storing highly acidic foods such as fruit jam, jelly, etc. Durable and tough, with high transparency, making it easy to view food. Suitable for microwave heating and refrigeration, but not suitable for high-temperature storage.

PS seasoning tank: made of polystyrene material, affordable in price. Commonly used for seasoning storage or decoration, such as chili peppers, salt, etc. Poor stability, not suitable for high temperature and high acidity foods. Non reusable, prone to breakage during cleaning.

Classified by decoration:

Transparent and colored cans: commonly found in households, can store various seasonings. High transparency, easy to view food. Can design colorful patterns to increase attractiveness.

Print and label jar: With beautiful prints or labels, it attracts attention and is suitable for cooking enthusiasts. Printing and labeling can be customized to meet personalized needs.


Classified by place of use:

Household jars: used for household cooking and pastry making, with a variety of materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Has little impact on food, is affordable, and can be reused.

Commercial cans: suitable for catering services and food manufacturing facilities. Highly customized, with large capacity, impact resistance, long lifespan, and high value. Usually made of tough polypropylene, it is resistant to high temperatures, high acidity, and is not easily discolored.

There are many types of plastic seasoning cans, and when choosing, it is necessary to consider the type of food and the place of use to ensure the freshness and safety of the food. Proper storage and cleaning methods are equally important, and proper use will become a good helper in cooking and baking.


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