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What is the production process for kitchen seasoning plastic bottles?

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The production process of kitchen seasoning plastic bottles refers to the process and workflow of processing and processing plastic raw materials to produce seasoning plastic bottles for household and commercial kitchens. Plastic bottles are a widely used packaging form in modern society, emphasizing environmental protection, quality and safety, and aesthetic appearance. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the production process of plastic bottles for kitchen condiments, including process steps, material selection, quality control, and market development trends.


Overview of Plastic Bottles for Kitchen Seasonings

Plastic seasoning bottles are a common packaging form commonly used in households or commercial kitchens to hold various seasonings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, and cooking oil. This type of plastic bottle usually has the characteristics of good sealing, beautiful appearance, durability, easy cleaning and storage. Therefore, there are high requirements for the production process and quality control of plastic bottles for kitchen condiments.

Material selection of seasoning plastic bottles

1. Plastic materials

The production of plastic bottles for condiments mainly relies on plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Among them, polypropylene plastic has good heat resistance and hardness, making it suitable for processing and making plastic bottles of various shapes. Polyethylene plastic has good ductility and durability, and can be used to make plastic bottles for kitchen condiments that often require squeezing. Polyvinyl chloride plastic has acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for holding special seasonings.

2. Filler materials

The liquid media of plastic seasoning bottles are soy sauce, vinegar, and seasoning oil, which have different effects on the packaging materials of plastic bottle containers and stoppers. The selection of filler materials should be based on the different properties and functions of the filler, such as transparent polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, polyester, and polycarbonate materials.

Production process steps of plastic bottles for condiments

1. Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the important processes in the production of seasoning plastic bottles. Firstly, the precision processed molds are loaded into the injection molding machine, and the processes of plastic granulation, feeding, melting, filling, cooling, and mold opening are preset to complete the injection molding process of bottle making.

2. Mold design

Mold design is the most crucial part of the entire plastic bottle production process. The design of molds requires professional technical personnel, such as proficient operation of CAD and UG software. Mold design needs to consider factors such as the volume and shape of the plastic bottle, wall thickness, and increased mold size.

3. Prefabrication and post-processing

The prefabrication process includes processes such as crushing, sieving, and pre molding of plastic raw materials. The post-processing process includes cooling, processing (such as polishing the bottle mouth, stretching, etc.), and quality inspection after demolding.

4. Inspection and Quality Control

Inspection and quality control are one of the important steps in the entire production process of seasoning plastic bottles. This includes testing the sealing, material quality, appearance printing, size, and other aspects of the product. By using tools such as robot inspection, watermark detection, airtightness detection, and visual detection, comprehensive inspection of plastic bottles for seasoning is carried out. And strictly follow the ISO 9001 quality management system for quality control to ensure the stability of the quality of the plastic bottles produced.

Common problems and solutions of plastic bottles for condiments


1. Sealing performance issues

The sealing performance of seasoning plastic bottles is a key factor and is often influenced by various factors, such as bottle mouth design and the material's resistance to falling. The solution is to design leak proof, drip proof, leak proof, and vibration proof devices to ensure no leakage during transportation.

2. Durability issues

Plastic seasoning bottles should have sufficient durability to ensure their lifespan and frequency of use. High quality polyethylene or polycarbonate materials and special processing techniques can be used to improve the compression resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance of plastic bottles.

3. Security issues

Plastic bottles for seasoning should ensure food safety and human health. FDA approved plastic materials and production standards can be used to strictly control the source and content of residues in plastic bottles. Generally speaking, it is important to avoid excessive use of chemicals.

Market Development and Trends of Plastic Condiment Bottles

With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness, consumers have high requirements for the quality and selection of plastic bottles for seasoning. The plastic bottle production industry is facing new development opportunities due to market and consumer demand. In the future, manufacturers will explore new materials and processes to improve product quality and meet the needs of the market and consumers.

The production process of plastic seasoning bottles is complex and diverse, but in order to produce products that meet quality standards, a professional technical team supporting design and quality control is needed. Manufacturers need to continuously improve and enhance the production process and related quality management standards of seasoning plastic bottles in combination with market demand and environmental protection requirements, in order to meet the needs of consumers around the world.


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