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What is the usage method of Plastic Spice Jars?

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Plastic Spice Jars are one of the essential tools in both household and commercial kitchens. They are ideal containers for storing various seasonings, such as sugar, salt, pepper, spices, and soy sauce. This article will introduce the usage of Plastic Spice Jars to help you better manage seasoning storage in your home or commercial kitchen.

1、 Purchase suitable Plastic Spice Jars

To choose a suitable plastic seasoning can, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. Capacity: How much capacity do you need to store your seasoning? If you frequently use a lot of seasoning, you may need to choose a large capacity seasoning can.


2. Transparency: Plastic Spice Jars with high transparency can make it easier for you to see the quantity of content, thus better managing your storage.

3. Sealing: Sealing is one of the key factors determining the preservation time of seasonings. You need to choose a plastic seasoning can that can provide a good sealing effect.

4. Easy to operate: You need an easy to operate plastic seasoning jar, such as one that is easy to open and organize the seasoning inside.

2、 Cleaning Plastic Spice Jars

Before using Plastic Spice Jars, you need to carefully clean them. This helps to ensure that there are no impurities left in the seasoning can, keeping your seasoning always in its optimal condition.

1. First, use up or pour out the seasoning in the seasoning tank, and rinse the seasoning tank.

2. Add warm water and cleaning agent to the basin or sink, and then soak the seasoning jar in water.

3. Use a brush or sponge to clean the inside and outside of the plastic seasoning can.

4. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry with a tissue or dry cloth.

5. Keep dry and moisture-proof for storage.

3、 Storing Plastic Spice Jars

The correct storage method can help your plastic seasoning can serve better and extend the shelf life of the seasoning. Here are some tips for storing seasoning cans:

1. Avoid direct sunlight and humid environments. A humid environment can affect the quality of seasoning. Store the seasoning can in a dry and ventilated place, while avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Avoid mixing seasonings. Store each seasoning in a separate plastic seasoning can. Mixing seasoning cans together may alter taste and quality.

3. Mark and classify seasonings. Label each plastic seasoning can for better management of your seasoning shelves.

4. Store seasoning cans in easily accessible places. Place the seasoning jar in the easiest place to reach for better management of your seasoning.


5. Pay attention to the shelf life of the seasoning. Different types of seasonings have different storage periods, so please refer to the product label for more information. If the seasoning is suitable, you can use labels to record the storage date to ensure that the seasoning's shelf life is within a controllable range.

4、 Using Plastic Spice Jars

Even if the stored seasoning is clearly labeled, using Plastic Spice Jars requires some skills. Here are a few useful tips:

1. Pay attention to hygiene. When using Plastic Spice Jars, you need to pay attention to using a clean spoon or seasoning cylinder, and avoid contact with other food to ensure the hygiene of the seasoning cans.

2. Pay attention to the portion size. Try using tools such as a measuring spoon or baking scale to unify the amount of seasoning.

3. Track usage. Take some time to record the amount of each seasoning so that it can be replenished before use.

4. Classify seasonings. Classify seasonings by type for more flexible use.

5、 Regularly inspect the glass seasoning tank

Regularly checking your Plastic Spice Jars can ensure they are usable and maintain good quality.

1. Check the sealing performance. Check the sealing of the plastic seasoning can to ensure that there is no air infiltration, thereby extending the shelf life of the seasoning.

2. Clear the label. When you store seasoning in a seasoning can, the labels may become sticky or difficult to recognize. Use wet wipes or white vinegar to remove the label and replace it with a new one.

3. Clean residues. If there is any seasoning or dirt left in the plastic seasoning can, please remove it immediately. After the cleaning process, re label and place it back in the display rack.

In home or commercial kitchens, the appropriate use of Plastic Spice Jars can help you manage and protect seasonings. By using these techniques, you can ensure that the seasoning can not only be used for a longer period of time, but also accurately allocate ingredients and seasoning requirements. Thank you for reading the relevant content on "Plastic Spice Jars" mentioned in this article.


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