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Why do seasoning plastic bottles need to be twisted and discharged?

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When we use plastic bottles for seasoning, we usually need to twist the bottle cap to make it discharge. This design may seem simple, but it actually embodies the principles of physics.


Firstly, let's take a look at the internal structure of the plastic bottle. Under the bottle cap, there is a slender column called the "turbo column". The interior of the turbine column is a spiral channel that can push liquid towards the bottle mouth. At the top of the turbine column, there is also a rotating disk that matches it. The design of the turbine column and rotating disc allows them to fit perfectly and prevent food residue in the bottle.

However, the smooth flow of liquid in the turbine column channel is not easy to achieve. Due to the viscous resistance of the liquid and the influence of gravity on the liquid, it can only push upwards slightly. But this is not enough. If the bottle cap is opened directly, the liquid may suddenly surge out, causing waste and inconvenience.


To solve this problem, the bottle cap comes with a plug-in cap called a "control cap". When you rotate the lid of a seasoning plastic bottle, the insertion port of the control cap will match the rotating disk, forming a spiral discharge channel along which the liquid can gradually flow outward. The central hole of the control cover, which is precisely matched with the tip of the turbine column, can accurately control the dripping effect, allowing for accurate control of the amount of seasoning produced. This design can avoid using too much seasoning and also make it easier to apply.

Overall, the reason why seasoning plastic bottles need to be twisted out is because the designer has set up a turbine column and a rotating disc inside, which, through perfect coordination, can control the flow speed of seasoning, reduce waste and inconvenience. This design is accurate, intelligent, and suitable for lifestyle, so when purchasing seasoning for your kitchen, please pay attention to the practical design of the bottle.


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